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Related article: Date: Thursday, October 9, 2008 January 40th 53 GMT From: " isispa NetZero net. " U003cisispa NetZero. net u003e Subject : Morgan u0026 deadlines Brooke 1 Brooke was leisurely pace along the promenade Alaska cruise Seas_ _Seven. There were dozens of people on deck to say goodbye to their families, who had not arrived, or at least not one that was fairly close to and wave to her. Granted after a few years for a lawn company had cut its head two weeks holiday. He had spent up all night looking for an incredible journey, seemed to have an Alaska to fit your needs and requirements. It was the next day, and started packing. His cabin was on the second floor of the ship is. The buffet was down at the other end of the room and fitness center welcomes guests. at 24 did not have many regrets, and left the house when she turned n 18 and had survived on his own since. The school was always his number one priority, and shortly after receiving it aACCOUNTING level started a small company that will do what it must have worked makes the lawn. Brooke could not complain, had a beautiful apartment in the tenth floor of a building overlooking the sea, a cozy kitchen, which is decorated with his best friend and a huge bedroom that his pride was joy. Plasma TV wall over his bed and hung her film collection now never blue ray disc stopped growing. The king-sized bed had a number of leaves to black and white stripes with a proper console , I always thought that made her room a modern look. The walls were a light pink color and had a dresser that she remembers from Egypt. The money was no problem, I had it and tried to take care of it, memory hungry nights and days without light in their years before degree n, it pursues, and had some kind of stability monster. was tall for a girl, and a little hard, all his friends have always said that was plentiful, butwas never convinced that he could not resist Burger King Hershey Pies. His hair was long and black, naturally curly n and eyes as blue as the deep sea. His skin was pale, but all tan on the beach made ​​it look like gold, beautiful. Currently Burberry wearing white pants legs that she had a stake bought last winter and loved the way that hugged her curves and a light blue collar VT -shirt. His sandals were made DSW Shoe Warehouse is one of the few places that made him great shoe size 11. The ship had to announce his departure from the port and s been a little scary, was strong and somewhat annoying interrupts train of thought. People looked around in a hurry to get somewhere, that speculated that maybe they were hungry or wanted to take immediate to benefit from all the attractions and fun things while in the s of cruising. Brooke was impressed by the size and grandeur of the ship, ,greater than was imagined, and that some positive cities could fit in it. You do not have a goal in mind, just walk and relieve n underline that had accumulated, the only auditor of the company gave him a lot of difficult decisions and sometimes it was an n challenge to meet all its financial obligations. My baggage is not in his room until 16 clock 00 is delivered, and just half a day, so he went in the library, they would find some entertainment there. On the way Brooke went through a couple of upscale restaurants, where tourists and the from his table and ordered three-course meals. It smelled good, I guess that seafood. The sun shone bright and warm, she thought she would fall for the next few days the temperature, as they approached their destination. The idea of ​​ to see the penguins and killer whales was attractive, Sea World in Orlando, FL does an excellent job trying to mimic their environment, but something told him to hiswanted to prove that they observed live in their natural habitat, is priceless. Brooke D u0026 G Sunglasses his long curls were still in the eyes of his s face, had the wind began to pick up what your legs beating the pants around his legs. Maybe it was that the ship win speed to leave the port. You saw a few pairs of his past in the Nudist Preteen opposite direction, is hand in hand and some of them even had children cooing and smiling, pointing a gulls fly. Your love life sucked and was asked many times if you have your own family s, a girl or a boy to cook for a man to grow, but progressed over time a relationship foundered after the other hand, were more convinced that his fate can not, after all. Many friends has a special place in his heart, but time proved to be silent a murderer, which eventually fall out of love and break them. The Library wto be quite large, had computers on which a fee may be to access the Internet. Bookshelves divide the space into categories, and were tables to sit. Towards the middle and the right is not to one and a librarian with glasses waving at her and smiled. Brooke smiled and walked toward her, maybe she knew where he could You can find some horror novels, instead of wasting time looking around. " a good day. " The librarian said, offering his hand. "Hello. Brooke. " Shook the hand of his library and smiled gently. " Nice to meet you, my name is Morgan. " He said. "How clever. " " Looking for something in particular? " Morgan asked to admire Brookes long beautiful curls. " I was wondering if you could point me in the general direction of the horror novels. " N "A fan of horror? " "Since I was seven years. "Brooke smiled and followed Morgan in the back of the Library. " What do you think the cruise so far? " Morgan is an informal conversation n , but it was a little hard to since I could not stop looking Brooke, she was beautiful. "It's great, I never thought that was so great to do and full of fun. " " I'm glad to know that at least someone thinks that the library is fun. ' n " not many people visit ? " ", just to check your email. "Morgan Brooke was stopped and section on the left side, which was pretty decent. " Awesome, thank you very much. I'm probably going to be here, so I'm going for a time to the company. " Brooke began sailing in the title and Morgan gradually returned to the counter. " We see ourselves as a partner. "Morgan said as he walked. Brooke finally something interesting to sit and headed to the tables and read for a while. N Nudist Preteen Morgan had to do something on the computer, perhaps categorize some work, thought Brooke. you can not help the looks that Morgan gave notice, kept Brooke looked probably think he had not noticed, it was a kind of refreshing to have a girl in their own interest, not that it was the first time but it was something about Morgan, who has not freak out. Maybe because they're Nudist Preteen a librarian, and librarians to be harmless. In the past it was a girl magnet and no matter how often repeated that are not interested, provided that it is your phone number in case you change your mind. Your friends always bother with and invited them to come out, but the truth of the matter was not attracted to girls. "Brooke, you want some coffee? " Morgan approached her with a cup of the dark liquid. "I'd love something, I thank you. " Brooke smiled and took the cup from the hand of his s. " You're welcome. " Morgan said, and sat down next to Brooke. She was never so in advance with a girl before, but something about Brooke attracted much. "Are you here with your family? " Asked Morgan. " No, only. How Nudist Preteen it feels to work on a cruise? " " The weather here in the library is pretty boring, but once I finished COUld something to do what you want so its kind of cool, not paying rent or food. " Replied Morgan and took a sip of his coffee. " It seems the job of your dreams. "Brooke responded to think that Morgan s probably the same age as her. N " I can not complain. "Morgan smiled again. " When did you do? " " Well, we're open 24 hours, but there is another lady who is ranked 05th clock 00 to 05, 00 hours, we have 12-hour shifts. " " This sucks. "Brooke closed the book and saw Morgan. " I really like, almost the entire night with me. " " Maybe we could do something if you are traveling. "Brooke says he is not sure to wait. Morgan smiled and took the empty glass from his hands. On the way to the contrary, he said. " I love it. " Brooke left the library and went to his room, his baggage is and wanted to take a shower before meeting with Morgan. They had agreed , meet outside the library at 19 , 00 Morgan would also watch this s a shower andprepare for the night. Luckily, Brooke belongings has been in her room, she chose her evening gown and went to the shower. pink lingerie set, a gift from a friend who worked at Victoria's Secret, wearing high-waisted trousers and a tunic of wool turtleneck. that decided this time closed-toe sandals and a black bag of medium size. took some of her hair and makeup applied, she checked the time and it was too late, walking alone, probably would take more than ten minutes and was 07th 05 hours. She ran to the sidewalk and reaches its destination a little encouragement. " You're too late. " Joked Brooke Morgan look with the eyes, was a better now than before. " Sorry. " She apologized to realize that it was too warm. Morgan wearing jeans, a long-sleeved shirt and sneakers. His hair was loose and his glasses were gone. " Where do we go ? " Morgan felt a million dollars, was walking in prettiest girl in the boat, and was going to do tonight unforgettable. "Surprise me. " Brooke said and started walking at his side. "I have hunger, what to eat something and then go on deck for a time ". Morgan voluntarily. " Sounds good. " Brooke liked the plan. " preferences ? Italian, Chinese fish, ? " N "I love pasta. " Brooke loves Italian food, could eat every day. " My favorite, too. " Smiled Morgan. Morgan was working for the company for almost a year now, and enjoy the surroundings, the only downside was that they were always travel, so you do not have a lot of friends or lovers. The crew were large, but were fired from one vessel to another all the time so that temporary relationships. He had lost his family in a tragic car accident accident and now his only relative, her older sister had moved to New York with her husband, so there was absolutely nothing to join them, they were free and marketed what they wanted. At 25 he felt much olhe was mature and responsible that their work was amazing what s that has ever dreamed of and now are very concerned occupied their thoughts. Morgan was not as big as Brooke, but they were almost the same height. that s was athletic and loved to go to the gym every day. Her hair was dirty blonde and her eyes were owned by a light gray, very unique had inherited from her grandmother. She was attractive and Nudist Preteen his personality n package complete. realized he was gay since I was in high school, and she s had done, their way of life out of the closet and proud to be what it was. that never complained, and never false. Near the bridge there is an Italian restaurant, some of the tables were very happy and talkative tourists, waiters and waitresses filled all participants to their needs, always with a smile on his \\ \\ n faces, was a company policy. As soon as he entered the hostess showed them to the table and winked Morgan, a gesture, tHat not go unnoticed by Brooke. I was not sure what it meant, though. "Do you like the environment? " Morgan asked him to try to make small talk. " It's beautiful. " Said Brooke read the menu. "I know I can ask. " Morgan told us, to Brooke n Features. "What is that? " Joked Brooke put her down menus. "Pasta penne with chicken and Alfredo sauce. " "very good taste, I have the pot Carmella. " Brooke said sip part of cold water. The waiter brought a freshly baked Italian bread and made a mixture of olive oil and pepper in a small dish for dipping the bread in "Thanks for believing spend some time with me I am terribly bored usually ". Morgan said honestly, Brooke looked fun while he ate the bread, so that funny. " I was probably the only thing I appreciate it, if not for your invitation I went to sleep in the room or watching TV. " Brooke was a kind of is a loner. The waiter came and took his orders, he sFood aid would be willing to about 20 minutes. " So what do you do for a living? " Morgan seemed interested. "I am an accountant for a company to mow the lawn. " Brooke said. " I never thought. " Morgan surprised me. laughed " Why? " " Do not look at all boring, and the counters are known to be boring. " Morgan Brooke is suddenly happy. " I could say the same about you. " Brooke was quick with this type of things. " I think we need similarities, after all. " N "I think what we do. " The food arrived and it was delicious, there was no room for dessert what the girls decided to walk on the deck, which had been mentioned, before. The night air was cool and quiet sounds, the rhythm of the waves the skull of the ship was almost mesmerizing, never thought that Brooke n exists really feel so good, so liberating. " fun in itself? " Morgan asked, while Brooke observed around eyes and enjoy the feeling of wind in the hhis face and hair. " I love it. Thanks. " "What? " "for a wonderful night. " Brooke smiled and kept walking. Morgan found a secluded area on the deck, near the end where the noise engine was a little stronger. They stood on the railing and looked down the sea, was very dark, almost scary. "Has anyone in particular left at home? " Morgan asked to look at Brooke. " No, do you? " Brooke wanted to sort of sense where he was a leader at all, but is not to stop it, it felt safe and well by Morgan and of all anyway, what were the chances of ever seeing again after this week. " This Nudist Preteen is home, and no, there is a special place in my life right now, except ". Brooke Morgan became closer and stroked her long hair. " What do you mean ? " Brooke enjoyed the contact, but was a little confused than that had the inner feeling, a shiver ran through her body making you feel uncertain. "Since I saw this Nudist Preteen afternoon in the library, I was attracted by , like a magnet,and is something that draws me to you, and all night the only thing in my head to kiss the need and desire have been. "Morgan stopped and looked sharp in the search for a reaction, a signal. " I do not know what to say. "Brooke said. N " I'd better stop now, because I've heard about me n my heart and ignore my head. " No n Brooke or say anything, just looked into the eyes of Morgan and was lost in its depths. Morgan came up and wrapped her arms around Brooke 's waist Nudist Preteen , pulled it them closer and gently pressed his lips. you could feel, like Brooke relaxes the body and automatically adjusts to touch her, she heard her soft moan and felt her arms came up and hugged her so closely as she stopped. her lips parted slightly and deepened the kiss, Brooke had her eyes closed and his body was against Morgan s resting place of support \\ \\. their tongues met shyly to each type of reaction the body of another. After a few seconds Brookeslower elimination of weapons of n Morgan is back. "I uh... " Brooke took a deep breath and tried again. " I think it should go. " He turned around and started going in the direction of your room. "Do you want to accompany you ? " Morgan was followed a little worried. " I'm fine, thank you. " Brooke did not look back, only forward, felt confused, scared, and more surprisingly, he was alive. Morgan rushed over and pulled her gently by the arm. " Can we talk please? Do not think you'll like this. " Pleading eyes Morgan Brooke with her, had to talk, let them know how they felt. " I have to be alone, please, Morgan. " " Have I done something wrong? Offends you somehow? " Morgan was persevere. " No, do not you think I should have left, I'm... I'm not gay. " Brooke is the voice of s was small, sad. " Oh... I get it. And this is a test? An experiment ? " Morgan left s to go on his arm and walked away. "expect Morgan! " Brooke was behind her, butdo not even know what to say ot how to explain their actions. Brooke decided to go to your room and wait for for the next day, they knew where to look. After several hours of spinning Brooke dropped the idea, always something to sleep, she took a shower, put a pair of old jeans comfortable long arm baby blue sweater and a pair of slippers, her hair set n left his room, the terrace is empty and the dew on the ground, and rails. She stared at the horizon for a few minutes to revive the action previous night. Had lots of fun, had a wonderful time with Morgan and then kissed him deeply confused gesture Brooke to is the fact that Morgan is now believed to have been used as an experiment was to help the situation. They had many ways of thinking about approaches her to talk to her and tells her, but did not seem to to be found. Brooke was a little more, watch the sunrise with a couple of strangers I admired with amazement. who hadMany saw no one as beautiful as this, not so sad. The breakfast was the last thing on his head when he went to the library to Six in the morning I saw in the pursuit of Morgan, but no character in it, there was another woman behind the counter, by the way s that whole night was spent there. This meant that either Morgan has decided to quit, which was unlikely, or it was too late. Brooke addressed the planning to return later when Morgan came fast running and collided with her spilling a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee in Brooke jersey. " Oh, my God, sorry, sorry. " Morgan took some paper towels and began to Brooke dry clothes too careful not to touch anything. "It's hot. " Brooke managed to say after overcoming the shock. " Are you okay? " Morgan looked very worried. Brooke nodded. " I have an extra change of clothes in the back, let 's you. " Morgan stepped forward, opened a door to the office of the employee and MorgBrooke a guest to sit on the couch. Morgan came out and apologized to Christine, the other librarian, to the coming end and dismissed. Brooke had taken off his shirt and tried to remove as much of n coffee as he could. Morgan came and stood on the site was almost naked, Brooke, s in his office. Brooke looked and dropped the paper, was a little Morgan could not explain. " It was hot, sorry. " Brooke explains her nakedness. Morgan said a word, opened a cupboard and pulled out a duffel bag, according to unzip Brooke gave a shirt and a sports bra. " can be a bit tight, but it's the least I could do after ruining of his sweater. " " Thanks. " Brooke turned around and changed their underwear then t -shirt, what is beautiful, a little tight, and her breasts were a little is greater than Morgan. " Is there anything I can do for you? " Morgan asked coldly. " Can we talk about last night? " Brooke asked about. " We have said enough already. " " You are not an experiment for me, I'm confused. I have never felt that way s in front of anyone. " Was Brooke Morgan but it was out of the office to the counter. Morgan wipe the floor with a spray and some paper towels. She did not respond to. " I'll bring the clothes later. " Brooke was a little o better, no matter what Morgan thought from now at least, said Brooke, what that was to say. A few hours passed and Brooke found some ways to amuse himself, that n rolled for a few hours, ate food and walked some more. clothing , who had recalled Morgan, who smelled as if smell of last night, an unknown perfume, all his senses had active. Then he said, shows the mission, she decided to write is a brief letter explaining how you feel and delivers it to the library before your shift ends, or better yet, he went and sat in the same table with a non-e- pad and a pen. After a few minutes to write it s best not to look at Morgan got up and went to the counter. " I want you to read this, please. " Brooke handed the folded hand and walked back to the library. Morgan opened the letter and began reading. Dear Morgan: Last night was the best night of my life, I met you and I had a wonderful time in the restaurant and while walking on the deck. When you say were attracted to me, and if it would not make it, then s that you kissed me, I froze, not knowing what to do, wanted out to be kissed by clear and my emotional roller coaster ride, I said of his kiss, because I've never felt this way before I 've never been so protected comfortable and absolutely no one. I was afraid to leave for me to feel the taste of the kiss and speculation to the contrary, can make things even more complicated when I tried to leave without a reasonable explanationnd make you look like an experiment that realize what I've been a fool, I understand that maybe I do not see over again in my life, but at least for this week I want to enjoy na privilege your company as at least one friend. I understand that if you are using always wanted to talk to me again or if I hurt and damage is irreparable. If you change your mind, believe me tonight from the deck, where We were last night when we kiss, to see if it opens a new door for me, a different and exciting, and to feel things. I will wait. " You're too late. " Brooke says that when Morgan came and stood before her with a red rose in hand. " I know, I thought maybe I should let lose for a while. " Morgan gave her the flower and smiled. N "Thanks for coming and thank you for the flowers. " Brooke wanted to hug ot kiss her, or something that had to do with touch, but she s did not dare. " You look good, not so clean. " Morgan looked upand their blush a little. " I felt like I was too warm last night. " Brooke said do own. He wore black pants and a loose white turtleneck. Morgan as usual, wearing jeans and a shirt with long sleeves. " You look good. " Brooke fought another urge to touch it. "I wanted to apologize for dealing with you, as I did Nudist Preteen last night, I was line and I'll take my anger and frustration, I heard you. " Morgan apologized and put his back against the railing. "I understand that I was wrong. " Brooke Morgan saw his hands, and asked me what could be, how to hold her, she wondered if hot. " Are you hungry ?" Said Morgan. " Not really, but if so, we can go. " Brooke said. "Maybe later. " Morgan smiled and said that Brooke was watching. "Sorry, can not help me. " N "I am honored. " Brooke Morgan stroked the hair back and interwoven toe with some of her curls. " I like it when you touch my hair, which is Hisch is a delicate gesture. "Brooke looked into his eyes and thought he had seen a hint of sadness. " I love your hair. It is soft and smells good. "Morgan took the hand of his s, I felt I was playing with fire. " Do you mind if we leave, I'm cold? " " Come on, maybe we should go to a place to spend the time to search the house. " " I agree. "Morgan was a big fan n " play " " Do you like pool? I've never played. to " " Do you want to teach ? " " Sure, you should be fine. "Brooke smiled and rhythm. Raised n The bar on the third floor of the nave, which was hot, and smelled faintly of cigarettes. This afternoon was packed, had children of all ages, drinking, dance ny the game. bought some chips and drop them in the slot activate the game. Morgan explains the general rules and how it was a matter of basic geometry. Morgan Brooke teaches, such as chalk the cue tip to prevent slipping must be contact with the ball. Brooke get the hang pretty faNo after Morgan helped him to repeat the way that are poised to hit the ball. After the game was over, and they paid for a couple of drinks they had, The girls were laughing and joking around the bar. was almost midnight, and Morgan had to Nudist Preteen get up early, so they decided to call it a night. " I can go to your room? " Morgan was carried out as a third time. " But get up early, I'll be fine. " Brooke does not want to extend not night, I needed to sleep. " Then I'll follow you until you are confident in it. " " Never give up. " Brooke thought it was the sweetest thing that worry n in it. " I do not know, especially when I want something really bad. " Morgan said they blush Brooke. "I had fun tonight. " Brooke looked down and fingers interlaced Morgan. looked and moved forward. Morgan had presented the only hot hands Brooke like me. Brooke entered the cabin and opened the door, turned toThe light and Morgan invited him " Maybe I should not, I mean, it's late. " Morgan said he regretted his words seconds after leaving his lips. " You're right. I see you tomorrow? " Brooke asked. " Of course, I will pick up after work. " Morgan said. " Goodnight. " " Good night, Brooke. " She smiled and turned and started heading to the room of his own s. "Morgan, I forgot something. " " Yes ? " Came to Brooke 's hand and touched the fingers of Morgan, drew his gently and kissed her tenderly on the cheek. N " Thanks to me a second chance. " " Sweet dreams beautiful. " Morgan smiled and was felt in the clouds. Hello all comments are welcome good or bad, help me to better all the time. isispa NetZero. com
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